Frank Mohesky Scholarship


Frank Mohesky Scholarship

Frank Mohesky taught science at Hocker Grove Middle School from 1987 until his retirement in 1995. He taught it well. When cancer took Frank's life in the summer of 1999, many of us lost a wonderful friend and teacher. As is the case with all outstanding teachers, Frank left much of himself behind, as he had a profound impact on his many students and colleagues at Hocker Grove. Through Frank's efforts, Hocker Grove was awarded a grant for building an Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site (OWLS) on the school grounds. Today the OWLS project gives us an environment where science takes on a special meaning for kids. Frank, along with help from colleagues like Dave Long, put in many hours of their own labor and time to make OWLS a reality.

 Frank also had a profound interest in the stars and planets. According to his wife, he was given his first telescope when he was in middle school and was awed by what he saw. He wanted to share that awe with his students.

Because Frank did so much to promote the love of science, we at Hocker Grove wish to keep his memory alive. Toward that end, we have created the Frank Mohesky Scholarship Fund intended to make it possible for deserving students to attend the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, Kansas each summer.  Dave Long, a fellow science teacher, was instrumental in selecting the scholarship recipients through 2004. Since Dave’s death, we wish to remember him along with Frank.

The following recipients have had the experience five days of the "Future Astronaut's Training Program":

1999 Derek Tracz

2000 Sarah Pohlsander

2001 Emily Morris

2002 Lauren Peterson

2003 Chanteal Findling

2004 Andy Pike

2005 Maddie Stutheit, Nate Bolech

2006 Gwen Devonshire, Mehak Sood

2007 Connor Thompson, Jack Rogers

2008 Kaitlyn Delamore, Alexandria Mahan

2009 Logan Adkins, Catie Stutheit

2010 Courtney Hedrick, Silas Vanhoecke

2011 Lynessa Davis, Jun Langdon

2012 Shannon Wray, Samuel Thompson

2013 Kyla Larkin, Iris Browning

2014 Sierra Hawley, Tamara McConnell

2015 Lily Garner, Yanae Dye-Hardin

2016 Emma Bell, Allison Loyd

2017-Maya Daley, Claire Winston

2018-Gregory Carmody, Maya Wallace

2019-Tayten DeGarmo, Erika Nunez-Siguenza

2022- Nova VonOntjes, Anna Randel

2023 - Suzan Wells, Ceci Franco


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