School Supply List

Hocker Grove School Supply List

                                                                                 2023-2024 School Supply List



  • Wide Lined Notebook Paper

  • #2 Pencils with Erasers

  • Blue or Black Pen

  • Red Pen

  • Box of Kleenex

  • Yellow Highlighter

  • Colored Pencils - Set of 8

  • Earbuds with Microphone 

  • Glue Sticks


Supplies for Individual Classes:


7th Grade ELA

  • Composition Notebook


8th Grade ELA

  • Composition Notebook


7th and 8th Grade Science

  • Composition Notebook

  • (8th grade only) Binder


7th Grade Social Studies

  • Folder with pockets

  • Composition Notebook


7th Grade Math

  • 1” binder to be left in class


8th Grade Math

  • Composition Notebook


Math Workshop

  • Composition Notebook

  • Expo Markers (any color)

  • Folder with pockets



  • 4 pen colors: red, blue, black, green

  • 2”- 3” 3-ring binder

  • Loose-leaf notebook paper in the binder

  • Zippered pen pocket clips into the binder


PE and Personal Fitness

  • Gray shirt 

  • Black or gray shorts


Additional classes may require extra supplies or fees:

Art Exploration, Art 2D, Art 3D, Exploring Foods and Nutrition, Introduction to FACS, Exploring Sewing, Tech_Design and Modeling, Tech - Automation and Robotics, and Projects Industrial Tech


Band and Orchestra may have additional fees for instrument rental, reeds, valve oil, and/or books.


Music Department - Band, Orchestra, and Choir students will be asked to purchase a T-shirt for performances. Students will be given this information in class.